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Our Story

Moorreesburger offers a combined learning center, restaurant and tasting room, bakery and craft brewery in one location that enables our learners to gain on-site work experience and become independent role players in the hospitality and retail industries.


In partnership with Omni HR Consulting, we offer accredited Bakery Skills programs with classroom and practical training in a fully equipped bakery environment.

We offer these programs to individuals who want to gain more knowledge and experience in the fields of bakery and hospitality.


For more information about these programs or any other skills and development offerings from Omni HR Consulting please contact us on 021 6859160 or 022 4331181.



Barry Martin - Local 

"The food is of the highest standard. The beers are excellent and the staff friendly and efficient. As a local I am proud to take my friends from the big city to dine with me at the Moorreesburger."

Delia Aylward - Local

"Stunning dorp en mense met goeie harte. Sal beslis enigeiemand aanbeveel. Kos is heerlik en wag nie lank. Net n plesier om daar te kan eet."




Stephen Ebing - Local

"Great beer and food. Service excellent. Just what we need in the dorp."

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